My first blog post ever and It’s for my new position at NKL Marketing! I’m a currently balancing a full course load in my last semester of college, a part time job and my recent placement at NKL Marketing. Life is pretty crazy right now but I couldn’t be more excited about being a part of Nancy’s team.

This is my first agency job so literally everything has been a learning experience. I love that we creatively work with many interesting clients while doing their marketing on all social media platforms. I also really enjoy the range of work environments I experience. Whether it’s meeting a client at their place of business, shooting pictures for the blog, writing and editing posts at coffee shops all over this city or working from home, It’s always new and exciting.

I have only been a part of NKL marketing for two weeks and so far I have learned many things but mainly: Agency work is great but you can only be successful if you have great time management skills, are personable with your clients and are good at multi-tasking. These things are so important and everything is attached with a deadline. Digital media is always changing and is a great source of entertainment for consumers so always making sure the content is creative and accurate is extremely important.

As things pick up here at NKL Marketing I can only look forward to everything that’s in store for us. I’m so happy I was given this opportunity to be a part of Nancy’s dream of running her own digital marketing company!