Is Snapchat Still King?

Is Snapchat Still King?

In late March, Facebook launched “Your Story,” a brand new feature on iOS and Android. However, this new feature is no stranger to the social media world, as it allows you to post as many photos or video clips for your family, friends and/or followers to publicly view for 24 hours before disappearing –much like Snapchat.

Instagram added the same “stories” feature back in August and according to Tech Crunch, Snapchat’s growth slowed 82% since. From my personal experience, I’ve seen my Snapchat viewer count decline from an average of about 150 to 80 views a snap #sadErica. Even so, Snapchat continues to be my favourite app and I find myself only viewing “stories” on it because it shows the most personality.

And even though these apps all have similar features, I believe that each app has a different following and a different purpose – for me at least, and I curate myself accordingly:


Facebook is my creative news source. I follow my favourite musicians and media outlets, such as Complex, Fader and Highsnobiety on a daily basis, so you’ll probably find me posting and sharing the latest pop culture trends and upcoming events on my wall. I also use Facebook to conveniently communicate and keep tabs with my friends and family overseas with its Messenger app.


I find myself constantly scrolling through Instagram looking at photos of celebrities and models –people I don’t necessarily know, but get inspired by. I will post photos ONLY if I am on vacation, at a special event or if my outfit was really cute – haha.


I use Snapchat to see what people are doing on a daily basis and share what I’m eating, wearing or doing on a daily basis.

Regardless of where the digital world is going, it’s clear that Snapchat is quickly loosing real estate. I’ll still use the app for the time being, but only time will tell where I am with it by the end of the year.


Erica is an account manager at NKL Marketing, a marketing agency specializing in marketing strategy, content creation, and digital marketing.